Who is DSR Interactive?

We are a group of professionals who are creative and innovative thought-leaders focused on Everything Internet & Mobile™. We are visionaries, pioneers and disruptors who challenge traditional thinking. We are the ones who are willing to shift trends and shape industries—we are your change agents.



Our Vision

DSRI was founded in 2004 with one vision in mind: to become the “disruptors”, the “change agents” by leveraging technology. Our mission is to nurture the growth of our clients and inspire the human spirit through our passion for new ideas, better design, superior technology, enchanting experiences and extraordinary results. We want to become the best at what we do and work with those who are the best at what they do.

Client Testimonials

  • 'Extremely happy with DSRI...'
  • I am extremely happy with DSRI for the work they have performed so far. Not only have they delivered code as per my expectations, they have also made all the deliveries within project schedule.

    • 'I loved working with them...’
    • DSRI is the best company I have ever worked with, they were very professional and on time.

      • '...Comes highly recommended’
      • Fantastic!! DSRI really fit the bill on this project. Our project manager was extremely helpful and courteous, and made sure every i was dotted and every t crossed.

        • "Complex project with excellent results."
        • Thanks guys for the hard work getting us straighented out. Although things took much longer we are glad that we stuck it out with you. We couldn't be happier with the results. To those reading this, if your looking for a team that will go above and beyond, you've found it.

          • "Fantastic Service!"
          • We were in a panic to get a new website and online store up and running ..YESTERDAY... the guys over at DSR did an incredible job to help us get it done. These guys are smart and incredibly business savvy which made our job so much easier. The most impressive dedication I have witnessed in a company in a very long time. Thank you!!!